Visionetix–Document Management 2014 Product Update 1 Readme                                                                         

Product Update 1 contains a modified version of one or more DMS program components.

DMS 2014 - Product update 1 is fully compatible with Sage 300- 2017 ( Desktop edition)

Installing Product Update 1

The Product update contains the full DMS program so the current DMS program will need to be removed and installed with this PU1.  DMS 2014 PU1 should only be installed on Sage 300-2017 sites, follow the below instruction to install product update 1

      1)     First backup the “web.config” file under Inetpub\wwwroot\DMS

2)    Then using windows add/remove feature remove the Visionetix Software –Document Management System and Visionetix Software –Document Management System server

3)    Run the installation using DMS62_setup.exe and the end of the installation it will prompt you to install the server side select yes to install the DMS server side will creates DMS under IIS

4)    Copy from backup the Web.config file into Inetpub\wwwroot\DMS or re-enter the DMS database connection details from the DMS setup screen


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